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Title: Serving Shareholders Doesn’t Mean Putting Profit Above All Else
Authors: Hart, Oliver
Zingales, Luigi
Keywords: Economía Social
Empresas B
Capital y Acciones
Métodos de gestión
Issue Date: 12-Oct-2017
Publisher: Harvard Business Rewiev
Abstract: In a recent paper we offer a different perspective, one that we believe is perfectly consistent with the fiduciary duties of corporate directors: Companies should maximize shareholder welfare, not value. Our starting point is that shareholders care about more than just money. Many shareholders pay more for fair-trade coffee, or buy electric cars rather than cheaper gas guzzlers, because, using the current economic lingo, they are prosocial. They care, at least to some degree, about the health of society at large. Why would they not want the companies they invest in to behave similarly?
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